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Pocket Telescopic Fishing Pole

Pocket Telescopic Fishing Pole

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Never Miss Another Catch

The Ultimate Spontaneous Fishing Solution! 

The Pocket Telescopic Fishing Pole ensures you take advantage of every fishing opportunity with its compact and portable design, always ready for action. Keep it on hand for spontaneous fishing adventures and unforgettable experiences.


High-quality materials

Strong FRP fishing rod, anti-corrosion metal spinning reel.

Unleash Your Fishing Passion

Fits in your pocket, pen-shaped aluminum case, 97cm long fiberglass rod, and adjustable drag.  Portable, compact, lightweight, and easy to use.


A pocket fishing rod pen for passionate anglers. Fish anywhere, up to 1 kg.

Premium Craftsmanship for an Unbeatable Fishing Experience!Premium Craftsmanship for an Unbeatable Fishing Experience!

Premium Craftsmanship for an Unbeatable Fishing Experience!

Delight in the exceptional craftsmanship of our fishing gear. The FRP fishing rod boasts unparalleled toughness, corrosion resistance, and incredible sensitivity. Complemented by a high-intensity metal spinning reel that's both anti-rust and corrosion-resistant, this perfect combo ensures an extraordinary fishing journey. Prepare to be amazed by the high-quality performance that elevates your fishing adventures to new heights!

Makes a Great Gift for fishing enthusiasts or collectors. 

Create Priceless Bonding Moments with Your Kids Through Fishing!

Fishing offers more than just a rewarding experience; it's a wonderful teacher of patience and emotional control for children. Embrace precious parent-child time as you fish together, strengthening your bond like never before. With pocket fishing rods, fishing becomes an enjoyable family entertainment, making every moment memorable and fun.

Act Now and Reel in the Fun!  Get Hooked on Our Deal!



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